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My name is Janelice, I have always wanted to start a blog, writing about my knowledge and experience to make a better me, that can transfer to a better you. I was always hesitant because my writing skills in English are not the best :( as my first language is Spanish. On this trajectory have patience and forgive my bad grammar. I always think to much to follow my passion and my dreams, I said this can help my writing to get better! Here we go!!!

I pick a better you because in my opinion theres always room for improvement in all areas of our life. I am planning on talking fashion, home decor, activities to do with children, food, health and more. We are so busy with things for everyone else, but I have discover when we take time for us it helps everything else come out better. We are on a better mood and our minds are more receptive. Every day take time for you, for a better you!

#fashionblog #abetteryoublog

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